For You Only

My love goes bigger everyday
And it always runs to u
To a person who i don’t know who he is before
Who i adore too much
Who i’ve been waiting for so long

I know dat i’m nothing for somebody else but
I know i mean something to you
That’s why i feel fit to live
Dat’s why i always try not to let my self cry
Coz i know dat i mean something at least for u!

I wanna hug u
While u’re weary and feel tired facing all sh*tty things in your day
When u feel u don’t want to do anything else but take me to your leaps
When you feel your day is no longer filled with happiness

I wanna be there
Coz i can feel you’re needing me right now
And i know i love u too much
That’s why i wanna be there
Wherever you are

Take me with you
To a placewhere we don’t need any clock to wind
Where we don’t need any voice to whisper
Where we need nothing else but ours

Take my whole with youJust take my whole with you

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