blind day - he said so

then this will be mine too

gimme another twinge of pain

and guilt

and tear

but we'll stick one to another

and never will rid one

dearest, lemme go blind too

so we can calmly feel darkness around

not crowd surrounded like what it was before

and we'll stay together in our own blindness

so they will never harm

they will never ruin

they will never disturb

this happiness

this joy

this lov

and i will hapilly run wit u in the meadow of our blindness
nothing else
but us

wat a bliss.



+mau liburan
+mau tidur
+mau pacaran
+mau ini
+mau itu

lagi ngeluh" aja kali yaa...
gw juga bingung nih..aneh ajah..

mau gambar lagii...terus mau buang" waktu di depan komputer..


sumtimes it really is hard to get through sumthing u thought u couldn't.
and this one is a thing i used to think i could neva get through it.

tapi apa ya..4JJ1 maha adil dan gw percaya itu..

watever happens..everything will be just fine as long as we stick together..


serius..mau banget liat dia pulang ke rumah then i say
"welcome home, cute"