One more thing.I need u.U need rest.Love wont haf been dat selfish.Take a plenty nite sleep.I wona c ur bright eyes not too soon.I can take care of dis feeling.As well as u can take care of ur sleepiness.Haha!Get plenty of sleep.The missyness*wats dat anyway?*is negotiable.


Its a plain sunday.Day where i supposed to haf fun was clearly far from thought.I woke up dizzy.Spent a day wit worse dizziness around 2pm.Then watched scent of a woman.Then theres no mesej at all from u-know-who.My older bro went to..I-dont-care-who marriage.Oh he is downstair!Its plain sunday.I supposed to make another mixed-media useless work.But i got trapped in this uncasualness.Plain.


Telaahlah aku.
Sampai kamu berangsur-angsur mundur.
Dont u ever promise me a time.
Never again unless u r able to be there.
Satu dari beribu.
Itulah kamu.
Satu dari beribu.
Itulah aku.
The most devastating moment:
Being neglected by the one u love the most.
There wont be any rage.
But madness within.
Thats wat killed me.
Shut up.
Dont whisper.
Im trying to reduce this pain by stabbing your lungs.


"Do you believe in commitment?"
Do i believe in commitment?Okay.This how it works.
Create a commitment with sumone u know him/her.
Try to be a good kisser.
Marry him/her.
Haf a child.
Haf a family.
Cheer 'em up.
Be responsible.
You get bored.
Haf affair.
You dunno where ur children are.
Living alone.
This is how commitment works.Be prepared.

Drag Me To Your Everything

Aku akan tidur dengan sisa liurmu di bibirku.Aku akan tidur dengan aroma tubuhmu di hidungku.Aku akan tidur dengan sisa senyummu di benakku.Juga tentang memori-memori tentang kita hari ini.Juga kemarin.Aku akan tidur di bawah selimut.Dengan doa,penuh harapan.Nanti,akan ada hari dimana aku tidak tidur sendiri di bawah selimut hijau ini.


Love,i hate time now.Coz he is leaving.But i supposed to love it then.Coz time will take him back.But foremost,afterall,time means shit.And strength.And hazardous poison.Time,u shit.And means nothing to me.Nothing can break me.Not time,nor him.Nothing.


I strongly recomended mint to myself.Perhaps it means nothing to u.But its warmth sumhow calms me.From madness of this unbelieveably pain.Dont ever ask why coz i dunno the answer as well.Even i dunno why it comes either.Your lil brain never haf been crazy as my tiny one.Tiny means shadow.And hurricane.Yet small dumber.Haf u ever think this rage is nothing to me?But being away wit u makes me asking,too much..About where you at.Where does that unsensitive dumber small brain at.Im dumbest.True.


I hate state of being nude.Without any thought.With no even an idea.U technolized me.U are the exile.

I need...

Chalk to write ur name.
Ice cream to ease my pain.
Jacket to warm my body.
Umbrella to hide from heat.
Music to erase my loneliness.
Pen to draw my sadness.
Scissor to cut my vein.
All is needed.
All is hatred.
All is impact of waiting.
All is because of you.
All is because of you.


Aku mau pulang.Sampai rumah ganti baju.Terus makan siang,yang banyak!Terus gambar di atas kasur sampai ashar.Terus gambar lagi.Butuh waktu di atas kasur.Sendirian.Di kampuy rame banget.Orang-orang ngomong melulu.Haha!Sama sih aku juga ngomong terus.Hehe.Intinya,mau pulang.Eh,tapi dia mau jemput katanya.Iya tah?Ga jadi pulang deh.Hehe.

Tapi tetep aja mau gambar.


Nothing is there.Only us do lots of share.Above this lovely fur of giant bear.U shed my tears.I lend u my ears.Love,come here soon.Before noon.

Hari ini ketemu anak2 singapur:Jeslyn,abigail,samuel,gabe,jessica,jia ling.Heheh.They're nice.dan anak2 cinta baca had so much fun.gw ngantuk deh.tp blm bisa merem.