Giant Stop Sign

Listen to morning breeze. Hope to hear your annoying voice.
Sounds nice for beginner lover. You sucks to experts level.

As i opening curtain in my room,im doomed.

Try to be honest!
I dont like the way we build castle in the middle of this lake.
I dont want this way:you muddled, my persona become fake.

Let's be real.
Let's not continue.


Maybe leaving wont be the worst.
If only i dont want you that bad.
If only my heart's living no dread.

I dont know since what date i hate being left.

You wont know how it burned me to death.

Im sorry for being so pitiful. I'll leave you later.


Am on my way to Bandung. I dont feel fit but yea. Hmmh.
I gotta learn from my own mistakes. Hahaha. Shit. At this rate, there's anothere twinge of guilt but i hafta go on with this relationship. Haha.
I dunno what am feeling for sure,this love's growing inside bigger and bigger yet i dont know what i've done. Hahaha. Yawn.

Mixed Salad

All things collapse in once
And your figurative character won't make things better.
I wanna hit the sheets.
Lemme forget you for a moment.
Lemme fall asleep.
Lemme forget your kisses.
Lemme be evil.
Lemme haunt you by whispering endless repeated same question:
I dont love you. Do you?