Am I Being Transformed?

We had only
15-minute talking
After 3-hour mute mode

Could you just imagine how rage had eaten my wholy patient?
Could you just imagine how you screwed me up?
(Or perhaps when I was in my wise mode,I thought I was totally dumb fool to admit that these all was my own fault)
Could we just stop by here for a moment (again),dear?
My fuel of logic-and-rational patient was run out.

Buldoze Me

We've been through it all, I chew I fall
While singing and mending your torn-apart melodies
My life's lost under your pillow
My breath costs your dream and show
I won't come down
I'll bring up death below your pulverizing soil
We are broken machines...
We are can-not-be-fixed engines.

Last Morning

I dunno what i was exactly doing while you're angry.

Of getting no passion and captivated.

Of letting go no pressure instead of packing and inhale.


Seemed it didnt work at all.
The vow and those so-called promises.
They bitched about relationship while i was reeling about how-to-be-a-good-girl stuff.
We're done here.