We Are or Were Eerie Sounds

As a person who now has many friends. I knew several of ‘em well, so many several of ‘em not, most of those several of-them I don’t care. Let’s pretend you don’t, you never care about me but I don’t care if you don’t care and neither of us care about each other, I’ll keep blabbering here.
I know two people, not too close. We are, don’t know when exactly it changed to ‘we were’ good friends. We danced hard, we never fucked the right man, we are (maybe now they were) hard-to-get-drunk babies, we bitched up about assignments, about lecture who got super-geek looks, we mocked the fashion-darling girls who stupidly put pattern LV scarf on their necks with their plain Tees on and yelled, “You bitches, put scarf on your hands like us. But keep daydreaming then, you can never be as famous as us!”
But after that day, three of us wore scarf in the neck and mocked the same triplet fashionista with fringe red pumps screamed,” Triplets wearing red pumps as if they’re fire! We are now wearing scarves on necks to show you how stupid you’re wearing this shit on your neck!”
But the day after we wore fringe chocolate leather boots and kept spreading our venomous words, “See how weird you look in these shoes? You three are really amazing slut! Keep pumping their dicks, Triple Bitches!”
Now I could see.
One of my friends, always wearing minettoka fringe boots, not pump shoes, though they’re boots, like Triplet Bitches.
Another one of my friends, always wearing scarf on her neck. As glorious as those Triple Bitches.
Now am wearing simple flat shoes and jeans. Topless. As what I know, being fashionable like Triplet Bitches don’t work with my fully-filled brain.
Being topless, naked is better, is how to be at the top of your consciousness not to be a copy cat of fashion darlings. It’s so good being one-and-only who wear this and that, showing off you got plenty of money to buy several floral leggings with different pattern and you matched it with unique glasses.
But being naked shown you how you should be proud of your shape, of your inner shape you’d likely to forget about it the most. Being topless showed you how your outer shape shaped you well with only plain jeans.
I now have myself conscious when to look stupid by crafting my outer look looks good and able-to-manipulate people’s thought toward me.
None the less, I am a compliment bitch as crazy as you.

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yo dita! nice blog.