You Left Me leftover

I fucked myself with this getting-old jealousy
When you’re far away without tweet, when you’re far our without me.
I fucked myself with this hail-technology act
when I hope I could see you online, when I thought I can handle it all
with just hoping seeing you online.
People said, “Set your mood with song” or “Set you idea with orange-color wallpaper”
They shared bullshits.
I can never get rid of this getting-old jealousy.

we’re on the same side then why won’t you understand this incomprehensible bugging shit?
IF we’re sheltering each other from harm why could not you try to chew this enigma?
I’m here facing the riddle, solving the puzzle, alone.
I’m always here fighting the aftermath of “Silence is golden” era and irreproachable partner.
If only you’re a girl craving for light from this darken and blind jealousy,
If only you’re a girl with sensitive and careless sixth sense,
you will know how that so-called immune you from wise-and-mature thought
in your upcoming twenty-second birthday

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