This is You

This is the endless fight
Where you cannot stand with anybody's but your feet
When you cannot have a crush to high-recommended new bloke
After you just lost your sharp instinct on lacing bid

Piano playing and flute and triangle
sounded good when you're crying
Sobbing and gasping and aching
never felt nice before you're ended like shit

We're dumped
We're frightened by our self making delusion

Now I am typing
this imaginable languish in my lack of knowledge to heal wound

I am typing
So you'll read and narrow your eyes

"Does this happen? Does this important?"

I raped by my endless fighting, fighting myself.
From your repugnance
From your envy
From your stupid reason to tear me up to shred

In the end,
I will still type
I will let you know how those feelings build me
I will let you know
I'll stand
Impregnable solid human being

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