An Other

There will be a day when i really need a spare. As if one never enough.
One really annoying and i need a spare. Of solid human being. Of real monster that will eat me alive since i am too wild to exist.

I really need a spare. A morning with coffee. A night with break of normal life.
I really really need a spare.

Of boiling veins that will catch my words and care of every detail.

I really need a spare.
Of tamed animal, of nodding machine who can't bitch me up.

I do.

And i don't feel bad. That's tragedy.

Oh by the way, did you know that I've had a phone sex with your close friend when you're not listening? When you're not cooperative enough to be good friends nor lover?

I will congratulate you of every clumsy response you've given me. I will congratulate this red stream inside my panties that slammed my emotion and gave me roller coaster ride.

Cool life. You'll never know what I've done behind your back. You'll never know how I happily seduce your close friends and drink their spit, gulping a big glass of their sperms in my mouth.

I still will congratulate your carelessness.

Thank you for giving me such an option. You're still the best, since you never listen to me I'd ask other people to listen to me. It's that easy. And life will not stop giving me enough option to choose.