Hissing Night

This morning I saw an impala running cheerfully on a grassy land. She was so happy, I could tell by her happy smile. It was very hard to forget her.
All this afternoon, I could hear her steps banging my head, She was away, too far away from here yet my brain was reeling that melody of her tippie toes. On my way back home, I almost couldn’t bear that my throat’s wanting her flesh immediately.

I have been wondering.
What it tasted like. Her fury skin and leg that moves my stomach. Her wide eyes which caught my attention, really wanted by my long hungry tongue.  I wonder if I could finished that beast in one single move. I have been wondering how to attack her, how to eat her alive while she was not with her guard, that shitty big impala, a man, a gentle man.

I went back to my cave, my wet and muddy cave, a lonely one. That night, I dreamt of her. I dreamt of her smooth silhouette curve, dancing in the silent of night. I have got a blue print of ultimate strategy to beat her. To let her down, kissing me deep and give her all.

Tomorrow, I will open my mouth wide, to swallow her.
See you, dear. I will have a good night sleep, curling up, with my skin radaring you. 

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