FTSU Series Part Two

Sometimes, missing-you moment chokes me too tight. 

Above all those childish whimpering stuffs, deep kiss was all I need. Deep. Warm. Dry kiss. A bit wet on bottom lips... 
...Let's make it simple. Let's just have a deep kiss. Let's soften the rough surface of our emotion. 

You flooded me with simple things. Am drown, not really prepared for everything. 

Like a shrub among palm trees, am longing for dry season of missing you. 

If only. We live under the same roof tonight, I will stay awake staring at the pillow, peeking from ur shoulder. 

Are you mocking at me? You're surely do. I can't have a good night sleep since you're holding my dream still. Tightly. 

I constantly breathing in what we had done today, yesterday, last week, and I'm able to reeling few songs from ur CD. That's. Period.

FTSU Series on Twitter

And the stream on my face will tell you how much I miss the late night talking, and late night laugh, and your little touch. #ftsu

Saat semuanya diam, yang bicara itu cuma mimpi dan harapan yang terbuang. Yang sakit cuma hati. Deep down inside u're still my galaxy. #ftsu

And rain brings my tears to your ocean of understanding. #ftsu

If I could just wake up, I would wake up with u in front of me smiling like a baby and gimme little kiss. #ftsu

I need a private room. To be with you. To talk to you. To let your fingers brush my hair. Your heart, is something to die for. #ftsu

I'm sailing to my empty room to find my self before I'm able to turn on my radar to find you. Your signal now, is too low. #ftsu

 I can't imagine someone sleeps beside you and brushes your hair while your sleeping. Kissing your cheek sweetly. I can't. #ftsu

I should've loved you secretly. So the pain will hide. So the tears will dry. So we can talk as much as we want! #ftsu

*Kadang kemana-mana ngga bawa laptop ataupun alat tulis, jadinya update di twitter dengan hashtag #ftsu*