FTSU Series on Twitter

And the stream on my face will tell you how much I miss the late night talking, and late night laugh, and your little touch. #ftsu

Saat semuanya diam, yang bicara itu cuma mimpi dan harapan yang terbuang. Yang sakit cuma hati. Deep down inside u're still my galaxy. #ftsu

And rain brings my tears to your ocean of understanding. #ftsu

If I could just wake up, I would wake up with u in front of me smiling like a baby and gimme little kiss. #ftsu

I need a private room. To be with you. To talk to you. To let your fingers brush my hair. Your heart, is something to die for. #ftsu

I'm sailing to my empty room to find my self before I'm able to turn on my radar to find you. Your signal now, is too low. #ftsu

 I can't imagine someone sleeps beside you and brushes your hair while your sleeping. Kissing your cheek sweetly. I can't. #ftsu

I should've loved you secretly. So the pain will hide. So the tears will dry. So we can talk as much as we want! #ftsu

*Kadang kemana-mana ngga bawa laptop ataupun alat tulis, jadinya update di twitter dengan hashtag #ftsu*


Rin said...

potongan-potongan kalimatnya indah mba, bikin meleleh :)

Dana said...

"I'm sailing to my empty room to find my self..." Indeed. I know that feeling.

I found you on EBT and you said you didn't mind trading a button so I'm commenting to follow and say hi. Your blog is beautiful!