FTSU Series Part Two

Sometimes, missing-you moment chokes me too tight. 

Above all those childish whimpering stuffs, deep kiss was all I need. Deep. Warm. Dry kiss. A bit wet on bottom lips... 
...Let's make it simple. Let's just have a deep kiss. Let's soften the rough surface of our emotion. 

You flooded me with simple things. Am drown, not really prepared for everything. 

Like a shrub among palm trees, am longing for dry season of missing you. 

If only. We live under the same roof tonight, I will stay awake staring at the pillow, peeking from ur shoulder. 

Are you mocking at me? You're surely do. I can't have a good night sleep since you're holding my dream still. Tightly. 

I constantly breathing in what we had done today, yesterday, last week, and I'm able to reeling few songs from ur CD. That's. Period.

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