FTSU more..and more.

Your heart is my home. A place I don't wanna leave. A space where I'll be spending my old days. 

Hun. A good night kiss is well wrapped in your pillow. Have a nice dream okay :) 

I run outta words to describe how I wish my house is your room. With one desk lamp on through the night we'll share heart codes and symbols. 

I love you. Words are just to shallow and silent is just too naïve.

you right.no one will trust til they feel it.the love,rush from the heart to eyes,to stream of tears,to realize it's such a blessing.

"I love you," I said. Repeatedly when you put your sleepy head on my lap. You fast asleep. "And sometimes it chocked me too tight". 

You fresh milky skin and Sebamed-scent cheeks. I don't need good atmosphere to type few fucking cheesy lines if I cud have dat luxury. 

Solitude escape through rain and thunder is not complete without broken hearted songs. 

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