Setan berkerak
Sudah lama sekali
Sampai dia beranak bini
Sampai aki dan nini disini

Butuh waktu lama
Untuk terus menghentak

Harus sabar
Biar dia terkapar lapar


Entah dengan siapa
Nanti aku berbagi sepi
Mungkin dengan awan,
atau dengan api
Atau dengan kamu yang juga sedang dirundung sepi
Maukah kamu berbagi sendu bersamaku disini?
Bersama amarah yang keburu patah dimakan gigi berduri
Bersama kecewa yang keburu dihempas oleh dia punya istri

Maukah kamu berbagi sepi?
Dengan nyawaku yang kian hari habis diterkam mimpi

Guilty Pleasure

How beautiful is the thing you think is not? Just because it remains mysterious, untouched, unspoken.
All words you have imagined, planned to be vomitted, vanished against all the beauty it shaped because the barrier that kept it forbidden to be reached.
How come a very simple, boring thing became unusual part of your curiousity just because the distance it held between you and your itchiness of knowing what it is, how will it be, what would have happened if I could...? And in a second your head was filled by nothing but what if..

What if...
I never stepped outside and let it be mystery. Let it be untouched.
Maybe. It wouldn't be like death after death handling the battle between the beasts or so..

Let the what if stays untouched.
So I can say more goodnight to whom my what if meant to.


Tell me which law you are living in.
That is able to say I am wrong.
Which is not strong enought to proove I am right.

What if your law is against mine?
That in my version, I am able to choose what I should do first in my endless, ever-changing, to-do list.
That in MY version, I cannot do anything under someone's stressed words.

Which part of YOUR law allowed you to chant frenzy mantra that makes me dizzy to finish my chores?
In MY law, you are confirmed as villain with Angel's face.
Good luck to you. But my law doesn't allow me to pay attention to such beast.