Our Shoes

Put me in your shoes. I want to know. I am dying to know what you have there. How you feel about it. How you deal with the uncomfortable soles.
Fit me in your shoes. Let me see the real size of your feet. Let me witness how far they have taken you through bumpy road of life. Let me acknowledge how deep they have buried your mind which affects your point of view.
Oh. And your mind. Let me fumble the shallowness of your mind.
Ouch. That point of view. What can I say about it.
A great dissapointment on the surface has now gone deeper and deeper to the consequence of explosion.
What a waste. What a waste of time and energy I have put to this all of this time.
What a disaster.

Your mouth. Is much comfortable.
Than your shoes.
Swallow me.
Shut the fuck up.
And fit my shoes.

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